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Ham croquettes

400 g

Water, WHEAT flour (gluten), onion, breadcrumb (WHEAT flour (gluten), water, salt and yeast), vegetable sunflower oil, WHEAT starch (gluten), cured ham (3%) [ham, salt, dextrose and preserving agents (sodium nitrite and potassium nitrite)], pork meat, mechanically separated pork meat, pasteurized MILK, animal fat, salt, aromatized drink, flavor, vinegar and spices.

It may contain traces of CRUSTACEANS, EGG, FISH, SOY and MOLLUSCS.

Allergens: Contains: gluten,crustaceans,egg, fish,soy,molluscs  and may contain traces of milk.

  • in a refrigerator (from 0ºС to +3ºС) up to 24 hours;
  • in a freezer (-18ºС) until the expiry date indicated on the packaging. The product is stored at -18ºС.

Do not refreeze once thawed!

Frying pan and electric fryer
Add the ham croquettes directly frozen, in small quantities, to the frying pan or electric fryer plenty of very hot oil (175 ºC) and fry until golden brown (3 minutes).

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